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2020 Donate Life Transplant Games Heading to New Jersey

Posted: March 08, 2018 by Rebecca Nutt

The Donate Life Transplant Games are held every year to create awareness to the importance of donating organs and engaging the transplant community. It is a multi-sport event organized by the Transplant Life Foundation for people who have undergone transplant surgeries that have saved their lives - living donors can also participate in the events.

The Transplant Games is a six-day event that will be held on July 17th through July 22nd in the year 2020. It was announced that this time it is being hosted by New Jersey in the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford. Participants can enroll in any of the 20 events that will be organized for them. According to the data recorded by officials, each day 20 Americans die while waiting for an organ transplant. Currently, 115,000 people are waiting for their life-saving transplant. 4,000 of these people live in New Jersey.

The bidding was won by the Meadowlands Liberty Convention & Visitors Bureau and NJ Sharing Network. NJ Sharing Network has shown great development in education, fundraising, public policy and medical services. They have a portfolio that is reassuring and shows that they have what it takes to make the games excellent with their rigor.

Along with the 20 competitions, there will also be special events. It is being said that a few winter games may be added this time as well. According to Joe Roth, the President and CEO of NJ Sharing Network, these games represent courage, achievement and triumph over adversity. He says that these events can show how the power of one life can be transferred over to another one. The participants part of the program characterize life and how precious it is. These games can raise awareness and invite numerous other donors who can have the chance to save a life as well.

Donating your organs to a person is a good deed that will continue even if you are no longer alive. The deed requires a big heart (metaphorically). One donor can save up to eight lives while for the recipient it is a chance for a second life. People who have done so are remembered as heroes, but you do not have to die to do it. People can donate one of their kidneys, portions of the liver, lung, pancreas intestines and blood as well, and live a healthy normal life. The main goal of this event is to engage the donor community and create awareness amongst the general population.

Recipients of organ transplant and bone marrow, living donors, and tissue transplant can attend the events. As their involvement can create a lot of awareness, it is also a way of honoring donors who have saved the lives of people they do not even know.


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