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The Ultimate Restaurant Guide to Bristol Borough, PA

Dine your way through one of Bucks County's fastest growing town.
Posted: October 08, 2018 by Rebecca Nutt

Bristol Borough in Bucks County, PA is experiencing quite the renaissance as of late. It’s a wonderful melting pot of small businesses, families and young professionals. With an excellent school system, competitive housing market, active community, and located just close enough to Philadelphia for those who want to experience all the fun of living near a major city without necessarily planting roots there.

This boom in business has been a result of the combined effort of the residents in Bristol Brough, the publicity from the Borough’s nomination and subsequent win of season two of
“Small Business Revolution,” and the dedication of the Bristol Borough Business Association, which encourages residents and tourists alike to “shop, dine, and enjoy,” within the community. Personally, I think one of the best ways to experience a location is through its food. And that’s why I’ve curated a list of some of my top restaurant recommendations for the area. So, grab your friends this weekend, make a reservation, and enjoy some of the best fine dining that Bristol Borough has to offer!

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Name: Calm Waters Coffee Roasters

Address: 242 Mill St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: Calm Waters is one of the best independent coffee shops that you’ll find in Bucks County, PA. And I might only be slightly biased because I’m there almost every morning for breakfast. All their coffee is ethically sourced and roasted in-house on cafe premises. It’s a family owned and operated business that has become a real community hub. With live performances from local artists, events for freelancers native to the area, and board game nights for families. *Pictured below: Maple Bacon Waffles and Iced Americano with Oat Milk.

Must Try Menu Items: Blueberry Waffles and Iced Americano with Oat Milk.

Name: Itri Wood Fired

Address: 310 Mill St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: It may be a small place with only a couple dozen seats, but there is a reason that you’ll often find a line out the door on a Saturday night. Newly opened just this year, Itri Wood Fired has some of the best pizza and service that you can find in Bristol. A creative menu that is constantly changing, newly expanded outdoor seating area and Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays will keep you coming back for more!

Must Try Menu Items: Margherita Pizza, Truffle Fries, and a glass of Itri’s Juice.

Name: Angelina’s Bake Shop

Address: 312 Mill St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: Angelina’s Bake Shop recently had their soft open this weekend and they are an extremely welcome addition to the Bristol Borough, PA restaurant scene. Offering a delectable variety of pies, brownies, and donuts to their clientele. And with plans to expand their menu to serving breakfast, they’re on the fast track to becoming a real community staple.

Must Try Menu Items: Cinnamon Bun with Cream Cheese frosting and Banana Bread.  

Name: Chuck’s Barbecue

Address: 2 Pond St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: Another recent addition, just opening this past summer 2018, Chuck’s BBQ proclaims that their Barbecue is “The best chuckin’ BBQ,” that you’ve ever had. And their menu definitely makes good on that claim. On those days that you’d rather skip cooking and need to pick up something quick for dinner, Chuck’s BBQ is a great option.   

Must Try Menu Items: ½ Rack of Ribs with and a side of Mac & Cheese.

Name: Annabella’s Italian Restaurant

Address:119 Radcliff St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: Only open for dinner this local restaurant specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. Their menu is inventive and ingredients always fresh. The perfect stop to bring a first date or split a bottle of wine with a group of girlfriends.

Must Try Menu Items: Chicken Parmesan and a slice of their homemade Cheesecake.

Name: Mill Street Cantina

Address: 101 Mill St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: If I could have Tacos every day I would, but sometimes I don’t always want to make them. When I moved to Levittown, PA two years ago, I was super excited to find Mill Street Cantina during a walk through the borough. They have an expansive menu and it is easy for even the most indecisive customer to find something they like. *Pictured below: Chips and Salsa.

Must Try Menu Items: Pork Tacos and a pitcher of their incredible Blood Orange Margaritas.

Name: The King George II Inn

Address:102 Radcliff St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: During the summer their deck outdoors is always packed with people. Take a walk along the Bristol Wharf with your friends then head over to the King George II Inn for lunch. Craft beers, an affordable menu, and location make this restaurant a standout.

Must Try Menu Items: The Tavern Burger and a glass of Victory Brewing Company’s Summer Love Golden Ale.

Name: Jules at  Market

Address:111 Market St, Bristol, PA 19007

The Scoop: Originally starting out a catering company, then expanding to serving dinner four times a week, cute and cozy, Jules at Market has some of the best fine dining in the area. I haven’t had a bad thing on their menu, but their seafood dishes are some of their most popular. And with specials offered weekly, they’ll quickly become a part of your dining rotation.

Must Try Menu Items: Signature Crab Cakes with your choice of Riesling or Chardonnay.

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