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5 Unique Snow Day Ideas for the Kids

Never let them be bored again with these fun things to do.
Posted: February 12, 2019 by Rebecca Nutt

It’s that time of year parents! Yes - snow days are upon us. And while the first snow day of the season is exciting and a magical experience for the little ones, after the third or fourth one they can get stir crazy. And nothing’s worse than having nothing to do while being stuck inside watching yet another movie. So, turn off that TV and impress your kids with some fun and unique snow day activities:

Spa Day

If you have little ones who enjoy being pampered, why not treat them to their very own spa day at home? Before the snow hits, you can run out and get bath bombs for an epic, fizzy bath. You can also get fun nail polishes for anyone who wants to do their nails. Have fun and be creative!

Board Game Day

Board games are a staple for snow days, but instead of just playing one, let each member of the family pick their favorite and make a day out of it. The catch is no one can pick the same game! And anyone can make up their own game to play for extra creativity points.

Make a Movie

We all know kids loving being the star of the show. Why not let them be? Have the little ones come up with their own story and let them create move magic! If you want to spark their creativity, give them a character or part of a story they need to build their movie around. Once they’re done creating, they can act it out for the family.

Snow Day Obstacle Course

This one is for the little ones who just can’t seem to sit still! Using different items throughout your house, create an indoor (or outdoor if you’re feeling adventurous) obstacle course. Incorporate different activities throughout the obstacle course such as dancing or jumping jacks. Think of it as a real-life board game they have to complete.

Classic Pillow Fort

An oldie but a goodie! Who doesn’t love a pillow fort? Challenge your kids to make the best pillow fort they can make. While they're doing that, make some of their favorite treats and have a picnic in their constructed forts.


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