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Montgomery County Spotlight: Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge is rich with history and home to a pivotal moment in American history.
Posted: May 16, 2019 by Joe Carelli

An Ideal Historical Place to Enjoy Outdoor Sightseeing in Montgomery County

There are many quaint and family-oriented counties to choose from in Pennsylvania. One of the most popular counties to consider is Montgomery County. Montgomery County is full of unique shopping, dining, and historical landmarks for residents to enjoy. One of the most unique parts about Montgomery County is the many years of American revolutionary history that occurred there that were pivotal to America becoming the country that it is today. In order to understand more about America’s history, visiting locales such as Valley Forge National Historical Park in Montgomery County is a great way to relive history from influential figures like George Washington.

Background on the Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park first became famous for where George Washington’s exhausted troops passed a brutal Winter between 1777-1778. Valley Forge has also become a symbol of how hard our Founding Fathers fought to become free, which makes the park a special place to appreciate America’s roots. This was one of the first places where the Continental Army came together as a disciplined and capable force under General Washington’s leadership. As a result, there are many historic homes, landmarks, and museums for visitors to enjoy. There are also guided tours available for those that want to learn more detailed information about the unique history that transpired at Valley Forge.

What Are the Key Places at Valley Forge National Historical Park?  

Within the Valley Forge National Historical Park, there are many diverse places to see. The Visitor Center is the best place to begin in order to learn more about the geography of the park. The first stop on the tour should be Washington’s Headquarters, which is where General Washington was stationed during the Valley Forge Winter encampment. The Muhlenberg Brigade Huts were constructed according to General Washington’s specifications for troops, which are open for visitors to tour. In addition, there is a stunning memorial chapel called the Washington Memorial Chapel where visitors can see historic architecture. Other places to enjoy at Valley Forge are Varnum’s Headquarters, the PC Knox Estates, and several historic statues that are aligning the park’s property borders.

Benefits of Residing in Montgomery County

Aside from the wonderful historical parks, there are many reasons that residents opt to reside in Montgomery County. Montgomery County is only 45 minutes from Philadelphia, which makes it possible to commute into the city for gainful employment opportunities. Montgomery County offers engaging community traditions where families can make long-term friendships and memories. The school districts are excellent in Montgomery County and there are many opportunities for local sports clubs, cultural events or unique activities for residents to enjoy including marathons through the park. In order to learn more about the possibility of residing in Montgomery County, click here.

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