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Philly Sets Sights on 2026 FIFA World Cup

Could 2026's World Cup Be Set at Lincoln Financial Field?
Posted: July 08, 2019 by Joe Carelli

As we celebrate the inspiring U.S. Women's team for winning it all in yesterday's World Cup we look toward what's on the horizon.

Philly is hoping to be the first US city to host the World Cup in more than 30 years with their bid for the 2026 FIFA tournament. If successful, it would be the first World Cup held in the United States since 1994, when 9 venues across the country hosted games. The FIFA World Cup is among the most watched events- sporting or otherwise- on the planet, with nearly 1 billion viewers tuning into the 2018 France/Croatia finale. 

Luminaries from the world of sports, as well as government officials like Mayor Jim Kenney gathered at Lincoln Financial Field in late June to show off the official campaign for obtaining the games in 2026. The planks in Philly's strategy include branding, official logos, and other marketing materials that they intend to use to bring the cup to Pennsylvania. 16 other cities are competing across the US, including Atlanta, Miami, and the San Francisco Bay Area. P

Unlike the last games in 1994, the US is joining forces with Canada and Mexico to host games all across North America- from Toronto to LA to Mexico City. The City of Philadelphia hopes to use the success of major events like the 2017 NFL Draft, and the 2016 DNC to sell the FIFA committee on the city as a top choice to host the games. Philly is currently the fourth largest media market in the country and is home to many United States cultural sites like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. 

Philadelphia's highly developed infrastructure is a crucial selling point for the committee. The hotel capacity, alongside robust public transportation options throughout the metro area, make Philadelphia a strong competitor in the race to host the cup. Other cities, particularly high cost-of-living regions like the SF Bay Area or NYC metro area, are unable to match the vacant hotel and transportation space that is on offer in the city. 

Here's to a 2026 World Cup victory in Philly!

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