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Best Museums to Visit in Montgomery County

Take in history, art and culture at Montgomery County's best museums!
Posted: August 12, 2019 by Joe Carelli

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place for individuals to visit that are looking for a unique area rich with culture and history. Montgomery County has many quaint small towns that have seen a great deal of history over the past centuries. For this reason, there are many diverse museums to enjoy in Montgomery County that enable visitors to learn more about history.

The Museums You Should Not Miss in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 

Review this list of museums for your upcoming trip to Montgomery County: 

American Treasure Tour

The American Treasure Tour is a special place to visit in Montgomery County. Journey through different periods of American History viewing artifacts while enjoying a tram ride.

The Mennonite Heritage Center

Montgomery County does have German roots from immigrant families who came to America generations ago. This is where the Mennonite Heritage Center is an interesting experience because it is possible to see that cultural-historical influence through paintings. 

Glencairn Museum

The Glencairn Museum has an impressive collection of art from many different cultures for tourists and local residents to enjoy in Montgomery County. The museum used to be the home of industrialist Raymond Pitcairn and his wife. The building was later converted into an art museum.  

Abington Art Center

Abington Art Center serves as a gallery of sorts where it is possible to see different artworks ranging from ceramics to photography. Abington Art Center has a focus that is closer to contemporary art; however, it is always interesting to see what different exhibits are currently on display at the Abington Art Center. 

The Stoogeum 

The Stoogeum is another famous museum in Montgomery County that focuses on the Three Stooges. While the museum is more modern, it is a local favorite a tribute to the fame that the Three Stooges encountered over the years. For those looking for a more humorous experience at a museum, be sure to visit the Stoogeum for an absolutely unique and hilarious excursion. 

Why Montgomery County Is a Very Appealing Place to Live 

The museums aside, Montgomery County is becoming a wonderful place to acquire real estate because the properties become even more appealing for families to invest in. The reason for this is that there is a close community in Montgomery County that is wonderful for families to enjoy.

In addition, Montgomery County has a very close commute to Philadelphia, which makes it possible to work at lucrative opportunities in the city and then resides in a more traditional neighborhood community. Children greatly enjoy the quality of life in Montgomery County because they are able to establish long-term friendships and engage in diverse activities both indoors and outdoors.

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