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Keeping Busy in Bucks County

Check out some of the top attractions of Bucks County, PA
Posted: September 12, 2019 by Joe Carelli

Bucks County is located approximately one hour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has the charm of traditional historic architecture. Due to its more rural location, there are many quaint, yet picturesque places to enjoy there for those that want to enjoy many hours outdoors. In fact, Bucks County has become quite famous for its dedication to the Arts along with parks and historic landmarks. Bucks County makes a wonderful weekend tour from Philadelphia or even a place to have a primary residence or vacation home.

Where Should I See Plays? 

In Bucks County, one of the best places to see unique plays is Bucks County Playhouse. Bucks County Playhouse was founded in 1939 when a mill was converted into a theatre. Today Bucks County Playhouse is famous for being one of the most well-known Summer theatres in America and has hosted famous individuals such as Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman, Helen Hayes, among others. Many times, plays are tested at Bucks County Playhouse for larger venues, which makes it a wonderful place to see fresh and innovative plays in a kind of theatre that will be seldom found elsewhere. 

Which Parks Are the Best to Visit? 

For those that enjoy outdoor activities, one of the best parks to visit in Bucks County is Core Creek Park. At Core Creek Park, it is possible to enjoy a family hike, a day at the lake, and incredible fishing. It is quite common to see families having picnics and making memories there during the Spring and Summer. Local residents greatly enjoy Core Creek Park for outdoor family fun in the warmer months of the year and even hiking in the Fall. 

Are There Any Historic Landmarks I Should See? 

Bucks County does have several historic landmarks to enjoy. One of the top historic landmarks in Bucks County is Fonthill Castle. Fonthill Castle was previously the home of Henry Mercer. The castle has 44 rooms and was built over one-hundred years ago. Fonthill Castle has perfectly preserved architecture and is a way to go back to another era for the afternoon and see one of America’s wonderful preserved historic homes. 

Quality of Life in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Bucks County, Pennsylvania offers a more relaxed pace of life to residents who enjoy four seasons. There are many annual traditions in Bucks County, which makes the locale a sensational place to raise a family where children can have large yards and enjoy regular outdoor activities. What is ideal about Bucks County is that it is not far from a large city such as Philadelphia making it possible for residents to commute there for employment or for educational trips for children. Bucks County truly has a cultural event, historic landmark or outdoor experience for all preferences. In order to learn more about real estate in Bucks County, visit here for more information.

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