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Beyond The Photos: The Importance of Showing Your Home

Pictures are important, but you can’t depend on photos to sell your house.
Posted: November 12, 2019 by Joe Carelli

Buyers rarely buy a house sight unseen; no surprise since it’s natural to want to know what you’re getting into when you purchase a home. Thanks to technology, nowadays you can find out a lot about a house before you even step foot inside of it, courtesy of the internet. Pictures make it easy to narrow down your list of options, and fancy tools like virtual tours can make you feel like you’re almost there. Almost. No matter how great your pictures are, they can’t replace an actual in-person visit to a property. The fact is, showings sell. Here are four reasons why if you can’t show your home, or if your home shows poorly, you can kiss a sale good-bye:

Photos Don’t Show the Whole Picture -- No pun intended. Even with today's technology and the use of 360-degree photography, aerial views, and panoramic shots, pictures still leave things up to the imagination. Your pictures should be more like your hook; they’re what catch potential buyers’ eyes and make them want to see more. Pictures should not be what you rely on to sell your property. Plus, the photos that people use to sell their house are usually going to show its best parts, which means that you probably are not seeing any of the “problem areas.” This is why buyers use pictures as a filter, then want to physically see the properties that interest them. If you’re not willing to show your home to these buyers, you can probably forget about a sale. Pictures are great, but buyers want to see the real deal before they make a commitment.

Buyers Want It Now -- If you’re starving, and someone offers you a hamburger, but you have to wait for an hour before you can eat it, or you can have a hot dog right away, what would you do? If you’re really hungry, you’re going for the hot dog. Buyers are hungry. They want a house right now.

Putting your house on the market requires a willingness to have your schedule upended now and then. If you're not willing to step away from your home at a moment's notice for a last-minute showing, or you're never willing to be inconvenienced, then don't get your hopes up about selling. Buyers are often impatient; they are eager to find their new home. If you cannot show potential buyers the house they will simply lose interest and move on to the next. 

This is because buyers want to see things for themselves. They want to open drawers, peek in closets and under rugs, sniff around (literally) for odd odors; all of the things you can't get from pictures, and they want to do it NOW. 

Buyers Get Suspicious -- What would you think if you went to buy a new car, and the salesperson told you that you were not able to see inside the car or test-drive it? You would most likely turn around and walk right off of the car lot, suspecting that something must be wrong with the vehicle. If you don’t show your house to potential buyers, they will assume the worst; they will start to wonder what is wrong with your house, what are you so afraid that they will see? Your house could be perfect, but if you don’t let a buyer see if for herself, then she’ll decide that your house must be full of hidden problems.

Buyers Need to See the Future -- Buyers need to try a house on for size. They need to walk around, see how things flow, and decide if their lives can fit into this potential new home. It’s really hard to do this if you can’t visit a property. Let buyers come inside and poke around; let buyers picture how it would be like making breakfast in the kitchen, let them see how comfortable your bathtub is, and any other particular items that are important to them. The fact is, every buyer has a different set of boxes he wants to check off when it comes to his future home. The best way for buyers to see if your house fits the bill is to let them see it for themselves. If a buyer can picture a future in your home, then you are halfway to the finish line! 

If you’re ready to sell, then prepare to show your house, and show it often. Sure, it will be inconvenient at times, but it’s all worth it when the sale is done, and you get to move on with your life! For more great tips on buying and selling your home check out our blog! You can find answers to your real estate questions as well as some great neighborhood spotlights!

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