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Home For The Holidays: Your Guide To Staying Stress-Free

If you are hosting or a guest here's how you can stay stress-free!
Posted: November 20, 2019 by Joe Carelli

Home for the Holidays

We are swiftly approaching the end of another month, another season, another year and another decade. It feels as if it was yesterday that we were lounging poolside without a worry in the world. The spooky season has come and gone and Mariah Carey has made her triumphant exclaiming in merriment “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

While many were swift to deck the halls as soon as November made its presence known, others are dreading and delaying it as long as possible. While the holidays are a joyous time of year, there is no question it can also be a stressful season. There’s no place like home and there’s certainly no place like home for the holidays.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, savored and not stressed about. So, take a minute, take a breath we are here to help you get back to focusing on what matters most this season.

If you are the guest…

We are about a week away from Thanksgiving, if you are attending Thanksgiving dinner at someone else’s home then you have little to stress about. This doesn’t mean you should abdicate all responsibility, be a team player!

The holidays are about giving, sharing and being with loved ones. Yes, this might be clichéd but that doesn’t make any less true. While you absolutely shouldn’t go to someone else’s home empty-handing, you should also offer all you can to share the workload. It doesn’t matter if you are attending your parents, friends, or your cousin’s friend’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving you should be communicating with the host to figure out how you can help.

Offer to head over in the days leading up the holidays, pop champagne and prep while you party! If you don’t live near your hometown you might find yourself invited to a Thanksgiving celebration with people you might not know well. We fully encourage you to take them up on their invite, get there early and you can help prep, and get to know the host and other guests better!

If you are the host…

Are you a mess, dealing with stress, put to the test, and hoping for the best? Take a step back. Scout out great recipes, and make a list of everything you need to do. Don’t take the musical stylings of “Be Our Guest” too literally and be willing to accept or encourage help!

Designate guests with different tasks and dishes to bring. Unless you find joy in waiting in line we strongly advise you get your Thanksgiving shopping done ahead of time! Please, also be kind and mindful of your cashiers at the store (they harbor no love for long lines either and this is a stressful time for them!).  

Make sure you have a Thanksgiving buddy or two to help decorate, prep and clean up. If someone is willing to help with the dishes, don’t feel bad for letting them! There’s nothing worse than being left with the leaning tower of dishes once everyone leaves.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Don’t get too caught up in being the host that you forget to relax. Make sure that the days leading up to Thanksgiving and particularly the day of is a fun one. Fit in time for hot cider, a full belly, good company, and the Thanksgiving football game line ups (Bills v Cowboys, Bears v Lions, Saints v Falcons)! 

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