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Modern Chef: Helpful Cooking Appliances in 2020

Just in time for the Super Bowl here's helpful appliances for the best party feast.
Posted: January 21, 2020 by Joe Carelli

Have you ever found yourself binging Top Chef, Cut Throat Kitchen or any Gordon Ramsey production? It’s probably one of our go-to shows when we don’t know what to watch. There’s no mystery why either, between the frantic tomfoolery of the contestants and the aggressive charm of master chef Ramsey we are captivated by the universal shared symbol of love...food. 


Throughout history, all gatherings revolve around both food and drink. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations are all made elevated by food. Food has the power to alleviate a bad day or even turn it around. We believe that there is nothing a burrito can’t fix. 


While our love for dining out and ordering is undying, there is something extra special about a home-cooked meal that you can’t replicate. We do recognize the feeling of having the ambition to cook or at the very least having the ambition to eat a home-cooked meal but being too tired to rise to the challenge. This is particularly evident when returning from a day at work. 


Luckily, the future is here. We’ve listed some of our favorite gadgets, gizmos, and appliances to help you channel your Gordon Ramsey and upgrade your culinary finesse. Some of these can help you dramatically cut down on effort, time and dishes while improving taste so that you will be cooking like Ramsey without the signature Gordon Ramsey caliber swearing that follows!

With Super Bowl quickly approaching, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to upgrade your kitchen and cooking with these appliances.


Slow Cooker


The two big items on this list are the slow cooker and the instant pot. The slow cooker makes cooking easy, but it does require you to think ahead. This involves deciding what you want to cook and thawing the meat beforehand.


Typically these appliances come with three settings low, medium and high but even at the highest setting, the slow cooker will take several hours for the meal to be ready. The ceramic insert ensures the food is properly heated throughout. We find slow cookers work best for holidays, gatherings or bulky foods (such as a pulled pork).


Most slow cookers have timers so that you can ensure proper cooking time while you are out of the house. They also can keep the food warm after cooking has completed. What’s also an added benefit to slow cooking is having access to the food as its cooking. You can check in on the food at any point with the glass lid and make adjustments to the dish as you see fit.


Our favorite part of a slow cooker is returning home to the delicious smelling aroma of a tender meal ready to pull apart.


Pro-tip: Try making bread and desserts in your slow-cooker!


Instant Pot


A lot of people are torn between having a slow cooker or an instant pot. Some opt for both while others don’t deem it necessary. Instant Pots and Slow Cookers can serve similar purposes, they both make delicious meals and cut down on the effort required to do so. Instant Pots even have a slow cook feature built-in, although some debate that it doesn’t work as well in an instant pot as it does in a slow cooker.


The instant pot works by pressure cooking your food resulting in a perfect, tender, gourmet meal. The best part about the instant pot other than the taste is that it is exactly what the name implies…instant! This is perfect for those who don’t like to think ahead and aren’t sure what they are craving for dinner when they wake up or just don’t have time. You can even pressure cook frozen meat in this appliance.


Pro-tip: Make use of the rice and yogurt features of the instant pot!


Air Fryer


This is the newest machine on the scene to be receiving buzz. The air fryer allows for delicious, crispy and quicker cooking than a conventional oven. The air fryer requires less oil which also allows for healthier meals without sacrificing the taste. You can now even get certain Instant Pots with Air Fryers built-in. 


The air fryer leave little to be desired and is the perfect device for a Super Bowl party! Wings, fries, mozzarella sticks and even veggies have never tasted so good!




When you know you need to hydrate but are bored with water, seltzer is the answer. DrinkMates are perfect if you find yourself spending a bulk of your budget on seltzer, flavored water or soda. It also helps cut down on the amount of plastic you use saving both the environment and decreases trips to take the recyclables out.


These appliances add carbonation to your drink, any drink (you could even carbonate milk if you wanted to…though we aren’t sure why you would). You can even re-carbonate drinks that have gone flat! All it needs is a bottle of CO2 and you are good to go. Small flavor droplets and soda mixes allow you to be the ultimate bartender if you’re feeling creative mix new flavors to make a delicious new concoction.


There are alternatives to DrinkMate such as SodaStream, although it should be noted they can’t carbonate drinks other than water (although you can still flavor and mix). You can see all the alternatives and the pros and cons of each here.


If you’re a lover of all things that fizz, this is a must for your household.


Honorable Mention:


Veggie Spiralizer- This final item isn’t one to be overlooked. These great devices can turn veggies to noodles seamlessly. This is perfect for those who want more variety or looking to better their diet by cutting down on pasta.

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