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6 (More) Do It Yourself Home Hacks

Work smarter, not harder with these home hack tips!
Posted: May 21, 2020 by Joe Carelli

You’ve seized the day and took heed of our first batch of six do it yourself hacks! The water no longer boils over, every picture is straight, the rugs remain in place, the drain is unclogged, the countertops are stain-free and the flowers have their heads lifted toward the skies. Well done!  The hacks don’t stop there though, here are some more resourceful hacks to make your life easier because you should always work smarter, not harder!

1. Make Pans Sparkle -- There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to scrub your pans clean when food is stuck tight. It seems you can scrub and scrub and barely make a dent, not to mention you don’t want to damage your pots and pans. Talk about an arm workout! Fill your pan with hot water and plop in an Alka-Seltzer tablet. Then,  “Plop, plop; fizz, fizz! Oh, what a relief it is!” After about 15 minutes, you should be able to easily wipe away that stuck-on mess.  (This trick also works on toilet bowls!)

2. Conquer Crayon Marks -- Did your young artist use your walls as her personal crayon canvas? Don’t get hot under the collar, but still bring on the heat. Grab a hairdryer and use it to heat up the crayon marks for a few seconds, then wipe away the marks with a soft cloth.  

3. Wax On? Wax Off! -- Dealing with candle wax that dripped onto your furniture? Yikes! Don’t worry, just keep your cool! Use a bag of ice cubes; place it over the wax and wait for the wax to harden (roughly ten minutes). Then scrape the wax off with a plastic putty knife or credit card and wipe away any remaining wax with a soft cloth or paper towel. 

4. Avoid Sticky Situations -- Don’t you hate when you remove a tag or label from something and you’re left with a sticky residue that seems almost impossible to remove without loads of scraping and scrubbing or using some crazy chemical? Use cooking oil to get rid of the goop, just let the oil sit on the residue for a few minutes and wipe it clean!

5. Gather Your Gift Wrap -- Trying to store rolls of gift wrap can be a real pain; they slide around and fall over, take up space, and can become a jumbled mess. To easily corral your rolls of wrapping paper and save floor space, hang them up in a garment bag!

6. Rack Them Up -- We’re talking about all of the lids to your pots and pans! Hang a magazine rack on the inside of a cabinet door and use it to easily store all of your pan lids. You’ll be able to see them all at a glance and quickly grab the one that you need.

Now that you’ve mastered the lost art of do it yourself home hacks, you can feel at peace with your kingdom. Feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine to celebrate, don’t fret if your kid paints their latest masterpiece on the wall because you are well prepared for every situation.


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