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Settled in 1732, Phoenixville (originally known as Manavon) was an industrial powerhouse in the early twentieth century and home to many great iron and steel mills, like the Phoenixville Iron Works. It was incorporated as a borough in 1849, and it has become an epicenter for creativity,  artsy shops, and modern fun. The town still holds on to its historic charm, while offering a  colorful place for people to visit or call home.   The Vibe   The overall vibe of Phoenixville is low-key and relaxe... read more
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Should Lehigh Valley Adopt Region-Wide Internet Service?

Municipal internet has been adopted in more than 750 cities, should Lehigh Valley be next?
Posted by Joe Carelli on September 26, 2019 in  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  Internet  Lehigh Valley  Municipal Internet
It became clear a long time ago that access to the internet is a mandatory prerequisite to success in the modern globalized economy. One way to ensure the Lehigh Valley is successful may be to adopt a local/region-wide fiber or other internet services to potentially reduce the cost of internet, while also increasing speeds. More than 750 cities and regions across the US have adopted municipal internet, and that number grows every day. Competition for Tech Jobs   Among the factors that tech companies consider ... read more
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Get Organized With Local and Family-Owned Fieldstone Lane!

These three terrific sisters will transform your chaos into a happy, organized space!
Posted by Joe Carelli on September 25, 2019 in No Category
The kids are back to school and we have fallen into familiar routines. The days of scrambling to find last night’s homework, sports equipment scattered throughout the house, and everyone’s closet in disarray are here! It's officially autumn and with so many moving pieces, the last thing you need is a cluttered home! Every passing school year you have good intentions to keep things organized, and yet every year the chaos gradually builds. You may have accepted that clutter and chaos are insurmountable, w... read more
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Philadelphia Housing Going Strong

Philadelphia is growing at a substantial pace despite choppy economic markets.
Posted by Joe Carelli on September 24, 2019 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  Economics  Housing  Philadelphia  Philly  Real Estate
Volatility has been the name of the game in the financial markets in 2019. Despite ongoing economic uncertainty brought on by the trade war, global instability, and slowdowns overseas, the Philadelphia housing market is not only standing strong- it is growing at a substantial pace.  The 2008-2009 housing crisis hit the Philly metro area particularly strongly. In fact, the city saw a slowdown in home sales and valuations before the rest of the country, and when the big one hit, Philadelphia had even farther to... read more
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Good Grub in Lehigh Valley

Don't overlook all the delicious grub to be had in Lehigh Valley!
Posted by Joe Carelli on September 23, 2019 in  #familyfirst  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  lehigh valley  new agent
The Lehigh Valley might not be on any food critic top ten lists- but maybe it should be. After all, it doesn't get much more farm to table than this! Let's take a quick look at some of the must-hit restaurants in the Lehigh Valley.  Bolete Restaurant and Inn Bethlehem, PA Bolete is currently the highest-rated restaurant on multiple web review sites- and for good reason. This fine-dining establishment serves up the best of classic American and continental cuisine, all in a quaint inn located in the heart of B... read more
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