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Condominiums are not the first or second or third choice for low-income homebuyers with access to low-cost government-backed credit. Real estate professionals also tend to shy lower-income individuals away from condos, due to the often high HOA fees that can make reaching an acceptable loan to value ratio next to impossible.  However, in the right situation, condominiums could be a fantastic alternative to single-family homes due to their high inventory in the Lehigh Valley and the lowered cost of entry for c... read more
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Terror is all around us, apparitions in the night, and unnerving voices whispering out in the woods. If you are looking to escape the Halloween horrors you shall find no solace in this list. In our previous article Frightening Lights, Haunted Nights & Spooky Delights we gave suggestions on how to inspire yourself for the spooky season. We invite you to dig dipper into terrifying haunts and happenings for the Halloween season. The Greater Philadelphia area is home to some of the most infamous Halloween attracti... read more
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Montgomery County Receives AAA Bond Rating From Moody's

Montgomery County is one of the most credit worthy counties of PA.
Posted by Joe Carelli on October 28, 2019 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Credit  Real Estate  Realtor
Financial managers for Montgomery County recently reported that New York bond rating agencies Moody's Investors Service, Fitch Ratings, and Standard & Poors set the county's rating to AAA, which is the highest possible score under their model. This continues the long-term trend of Montgomery County being one of the most creditworthy counties in the State of Pennsylvania.  Benefits of a AAA Rating There are a number of substantial benefits offered by a AAA rating for the county. When they need to borrow m... read more
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4 Perfect Outings in Bucks County

Take advantage of these great offerings when hanging around Bucks!
Posted by Joe Carelli on October 24, 2019 in  #familyfirst  Bucks County  Bucks County Covered Bridges  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  Mercer Museum  Neshaminy Creek  New Hope
Bucks County offers a respite from the big city, just minutes away from the City of Philadelphia. The area boasts a number of rustic attractions, as well as sophisticated cultural destinations. Whether you are making a day trip or spending some time in Bucks County, here is a list of 5 perfect outings every visitor should see.  Mercer Museum Doylestown, PA The Mercer Museum is the lone standing structure that was part of the famed "Mercer Mile." This Castle was built by Henry Mercer, a famed archaeologist an... read more
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Six Tips to Make the Most of Your Small Space

Think you need more space? Instead, rethink the space that you have
Posted by Joe Carelli on October 23, 2019 in  #familyfirst  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  Fieldstone Lane  organizing
Your home is supposed to be your castle, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the size of one -- and many people find themselves trying to find ways to create more space. The average house in the U.S. is over  2,300 square feet, and yet, not everyone has room to spare. In reality, many people probably have enough space, but they have so many things that they start to think they need more room.  Of course, certain situations will warrant upsizing, like expanding your family, but you might be surprised... read more
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