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Reasons to Love the Suburbs!

Part One of Our Many Reasons to Love the Burbs!
Posted by Joe Carelli on May 26, 2020 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Real Estate  Suburbs
With the world currently turned upside down many more are shifting their thoughts from the city to the suburbs. The suburbs have been an increasingly lucrative location to plant roots for the rest of your life. As people get older their priorities shift and for some a place to call their own calls them home!  As we get older we make our peace and come to welcome nights in. We are no longer hitting up the bars all the time, instead, we find ourselves hitting up the fridge for our favorite ice cream to binge Net... read more
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6 (More) Do It Yourself Home Hacks

Work smarter, not harder with these home hack tips!
Posted by Joe Carelli on May 21, 2020 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Home Hacks  Real Estate  Tips
You’ve seized the day and took heed of our first batch of six do it yourself hacks! The water no longer boils over, every picture is straight, the rugs remain in place, the drain is unclogged, the countertops are stain-free and the flowers have their heads lifted toward the skies. Well done!  The hacks don’t stop there though, here are some more resourceful hacks to make your life easier because you should always work smarter, not harder! 1. Make Pans Sparkle -- There’s nothing quite as frust... read more
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What Homeowners Insurance Do You Need?

When it comes to protecting one of your biggest investments, basic homeowners insurance might not be enough.
Posted by Joe Carelli on May 19, 2020 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Home Insurance  Real Estate
Your home is one of the biggest purchases that you will make in your lifetime, and it’s important for you to know your options when it comes to protecting your investment. You might assume you just need a good basic homeowners insurance policy and then you’re good to go, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Different policies cover different types of claims. For example, most basic policies protect you if your house is burglarized, or if a tree falls on your roof, or a car crashes through you... read more
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What is the Best Way to Hire a Contractor for Home Renovations?

Looking to make some renovations, the first step is to do your research!
Posted by Joe Carelli on March 18, 2020 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  Contractor  Home Renovations  Real Estate
Considering that the vast majority of homeowners have little experience hiring, overseeing, and checking the work of home contractors, it is no surprise than many have anxiety about the process. However, as long as you stick to a few basic rules, and put some effort into your hiring decision, finding the perfect contractor for home renovations is certainly within your capabilities. Let’s get into it. Seek Out Personal Recommendations While there are many online review sites for contractors, these are often ... read more
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Hidden Clutter Stalling Your Sale?

You may think shoving stuff in drawers is an easy fix to declutter your home, but buyers look everywhere!
Posted by Joe Carelli on March 17, 2020 in  CBH  Coldwell Banker  Listings  Real Estate
If you're listing your house for sale, you probably already know you're going to have to clean it up a bit. Look at any article about how to stage your home before selling and the odds are good that it's going to mention de-cluttering and paring down as one of the first must-do changes. The thing is, as great as you might get your home to look at first glance, what about all of the places that aren't visible to the naked eye? In other words, what do you do with the hidden clutter that lurks inside of your closets,... read more
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