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5 Secret Weapons for DIY Projects

These products you probably already have can come in handy.
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on February 04, 2019 in  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  coldwellbanker  DIY  diyprojects
Is there a home maintenance project that’s been lingering on your to-do list for too long becauseyou’re dreading the trip to the hardware or craft store? There are some projects you can tackle with items that are almost certainly already in your home.VinegarThere’s probably a jug of vinegar in your pantry right now. You can soak items in vinegar to remove mineral deposits (like in a clogged showerhead), and you can boil vinegar in your microwave to remove odors and make it easier to clean.Col... read more
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Hardwood floors are highly desirable for most homeowners, but they come with their share of challenges when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. After a few months or years of heavy use from kids playing with toys and chairs being shuffled around, it may be time for some DIY fixes. Hiding ScratchesIf you’ve got a good eye for matching colors, you can actually use crayons or markers or purchase wax sticks from the hardware store to fill in scratches. Try to match the stain color on your floors, but ... read more
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3 Easy Last-Minute Holiday Crafts

Time to get crafty.
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on December 11, 2018 in  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  coldwellbanker  DIY  diyprojects  holidays  realestate
There are two types of people in this world: those who decorate as soon as the turkey hits the table on Thanksgiving and those who wait until the very last possible second. If you’re the procrastinating decorator, then this is for you! We found some of the easiest (and cutest) last-minute holiday crafts you can make just in time to impress any holiday guests you might be hosting. Visit our Hearthside Happenings blog to see more holiday happenings, things to do and more! DIY Hanging Holiday Mason Jar Lantern... read more
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4 Unique DIY Bookshelves

Your books need a good home, too.
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on September 05, 2018 in  DIY  diyprojects  thingstodo
J.K. Rowling, the mastermind behind the Harry Potter book series, once said that “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book.” Books are windows to new worlds and an escape from reality. Something so precious deserves a nice space in your home. We found four of the most unique DIY bookshelves for you to try in your own home. Check them out: Wooden Pallet Bookshelves Simple and charming! Add a touch of rustic vibes to your home by using wooden pallets as a bookshelf. You can... read more
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