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5 Secret Weapons for DIY Projects

These products you probably already have can come in handy.
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on February 04, 2019 in  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  coldwellbanker  DIY  diyprojects
Is there a home maintenance project that’s been lingering on your to-do list for too long becauseyou’re dreading the trip to the hardware or craft store? There are some projects you can tackle with items that are almost certainly already in your home.VinegarThere’s probably a jug of vinegar in your pantry right now. You can soak items in vinegar to remove mineral deposits (like in a clogged showerhead), and you can boil vinegar in your microwave to remove odors and make it easier to clean.Col... read more
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February Events

Check out the top events happening in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Lehigh Valley!
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on January 31, 2019 in  buckscounty  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  coldwellbanker  february  lehighvalley  Philadelphia  thingstodo
Although it's quite chilly outside, that doesn't mean there aren't hot events happening in the Greater Philadelphia area! Take a look at the top three events happening during February this month:  PHILADELPHIA Click here to see more events in Philadelphia.BUCKS COUNTYClick here for more events in Bucks County.LEHIGH VALLEYClick here for more events in Lehigh Valley.... read more
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The Super Bowl is almost here and you’ve graciously volunteered to host the party. Nerves got you feeling deflated? (We’re looking at you, Tom Brady). Don’t fret! From novice party-planners to expert entertainers, everyone can use a few tips to help amp up their game day hosting skills. Follow these few tips and you’ll be sure to throw a touchdown – party that is! Food, Food and More Food! If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that food is one of the keys to... read more
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5 Winter Life Hacks

You can and will survive the brutally cold months!
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on January 29, 2019 in  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  coldwellbanker  Lifestyle
The dreaded and cold winter months are upon us. With temperatures dropping dramatically, it can be tough to adjust to winter life. But we’ve found the top five hacks that can help you out this winter. Whether it be saving money on energy bills or just trying to stay warmer, there are hacks for everyone. Kitty Litter to the Rescue You read that right -- kitty litter! Make sure to have some in your trunk during the winter months because if your car ever gets stuck, non-clumping kitty litter can be used ... read more
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Which Down Payment Strategy is Right For You?

Trying to figure it out can be daunting.
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on January 28, 2019 in  buying a home  Coldwell Banker  Coldwell Banker Hearthside  coldwellbanker  mortgages
You’ve most likely heard the rule: Save for a 20-percent down payment before you buy a home. The logic behind saving 20 percent is solid, as it shows that you have the financial discipline and stability to save for a long-term goal. It also helps you get favorable rates from lenders. But there can actually be financial benefits to putting down a small down payment—as low as three percent—rather than parting with so much cash up front, even if you have the money available.      ... read more
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